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Gold & Silver Leaf Coatings & Effects

A variety of coatings, effects, patterns and textures can be applied to a range of surfaces:

  • glass (eg. windows, mirrors, splashbacks, etc.)
  • metal (eg. wrought iron, sculptures, antiques, classic vehicles, etc.)
  • plaster (eg. ceiling cornices & rosettes, etc.)
  • picture & mirror frames
  • wood (eg. antique furniture, pianos, carriages, etc.)
  • ceramics (eg. vases, tiles, etc.)

Some finishes, coatings & effects that can be applied:

Variegated Leaf

Example of Variegated Leaf Gilding on Vase

Example of Variegated Leaf Gilding on Vase

This metal leaf has been treated to create colorful patterns. The random patterns vary from pack to pack, yellow and blue tones are achieved. The predominant color is red other colors can be intense and iridescent. Green variegated leaf is chosen when a subdued or mellow shade is required. I like to use this form of leaf to create an individual effect when reverse gold leaf gilding on glass or gilding on opaque objects.



Example of Patina Effect

Example of Patina Effect which can be applied to a variety of surfaces

"Patina" is a tarnish that forms on the surface of bronze and similar oxidized surfaces. The green patina that forms naturally on copper ie. penny coins and bronze objects, is usually associated with a sulphurous and a carbonate effect. Often when observing well used fire arms a noticeable patina effect has begun to appear on the steel after bluing of the barrel etc. A patina effect takes many years to develop under natural weathering. When combining the correct application of 23 karat gold leaf, variegated leaf and varnish effects a beautiful patina effect can be accomplished.

This effect can be applied to any indoor or exterior surface including glass to enhance lettering or as a stand alone feature.

Distressed Mirror Effect

Example of Distressed Mirror Effect, Giving a Worn/Aged/Antique Appearance

Example of Distressed Mirror Effect, Giving a Worn/Aged/Antique Appearance

Distressed Mirror Effects are achieved by the following process: A chemical process is used to duplicate water marks, patina & stains caused through age and environment. 'Pure Silver Leaf' or 'Imitation Leaf' is then water gilded. The surface can then be either 'Burnished' or 'Rubbed lightly' to create a desired finish. This same process can be used when reverse gilding 'Patinated Leaf' or 'Verre égolomisé' techniques.